how to write a 2 week notice email

It’s important to leave your job on good terms with your boss when it’s time to move on. Giving a two-week notice of your resignation is one of the best ways to do this. This gives your boss time to find a replacement and makes sure the change goes smoothly. Here are some ideas on how to write an email to give a two-week notice:

Use an email address that looks good. Make sure to use a professional email address, like, that includes your full name. Don’t use email addresses that are too personal or not professional.

Start with a subject line that is clear. In the subject line, you should make it clear that this is a resignation notice. “Notice of Resignation: John Doe” is an example.

Talk to your boss or the HR manager. Use a professional greeting like “Dear [Name of Supervisor]” or “Dear HR Manager” to start your email.

Tell them you want to quit. Start by saying that you are handing in your resignation and giving the date that it will take effect.

Give a reason why you are leaving (optional). You could give a short explanation of why you’re leaving, but you don’t have to. Stay professional and upbeat when you explain.

Express your gratitude. Thank your boss for the chances and experiences he or she has given you while you’ve worked there. This could help you keep a good relationship with your boss.

Offer to help out with the move. Offer to help with the transition, such as by training your replacement or finishing any tasks that are still unfinished.

Sign off in a professional way. Sign off your email with something professional, like “Sincerely” or “Best regards,” followed by your name and how to reach you.

Here’s how to write an email to give two weeks’ notice:

Notice of resignation: John Doe

Dear [Name of Your Supervisor],

I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be leaving my job as [Job Title] at [Company Name] on [Date of Resignation].

I’m grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had at the company, but I’ve decided to move on to other things. I appreciate the help and advice that the company gave me while I worked there.

I want the change to go as smoothly as possible, and I’m ready to help in any way I can over the next two weeks. Please tell me if there is something specific I can do to help with the move.

Thank you again for the chances and experiences you’ve given me while I’ve worked for you.


[Your Name] says:
[Information on how to reach you]

By following these tips, you can write a two-week notice email that is professional and polite and keeps a good relationship with your employer. Don’t forget to be professional, thankful, and helpful as you leave your job. A well-written email giving two weeks’ notice can help you leave your job on good terms and keep your good name in your field.






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