how to write an artist statement

A written description of an artist’s work and how they make it is called a “artist statement.” It gives information about the artist’s ideas, methods, and overall goals. Writing an artist statement is an important way for an artist to promote their work and connect with their audience. Here are some ideas on how to write an artist statement:

Describe your style and how you make art. Start by figuring out your style and how you make art. Tell me about the tools and methods you use to make your art and how you came up with your style.

Explain your inspiration. Talk about where your ideas came from. This can include your own thoughts and feelings as well as the world around you.

Talk about your plans and goals. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your work and how it fits into your artistic vision as a whole. This can include the ideas and messages you want your art to send.

Keep it short and simple. Your statement as an artist should be short and to the point. Don’t use jargon or language that is too technical. Instead, work on getting your ideas across in a clear and simple way.

Don’t use the passive voice. Use the active voice when writing your artist statement. This will make your writing more interesting and powerful.

Edit and change. Once you’ve written your artist statement, go back and fix it to make sure it gets your ideas across. Consider having someone else read it to provide feedback.

Share your artist statement. Share your artist statement on your website, social media, and other marketing materials to help promote your work and connect with your audience.

Writing an artist statement can be hard, but it’s a key part of getting your work out there and connecting with your audience. By describing your artistic style and process, your inspiration and goals, keeping it short and clear, using the active voice, revising and editing, and sharing your artist statement, you can create a compelling description of your work that speaks to your audience.






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